Altarin'Dakor Weapons


The main weapons most of the Titans use are Fusion Beams, mostly mounted on turrets able to sweep the powerful beams along and enemy ship and split it apart.
For closer combat and battle against smaller vessels, they are equipped with thousands of pulse lasers, powerful guns that fire pulses of energy at  at target, causing
roughly five times as much damage as a heavy turbolaser. In addition, for blasting through larger enemy vessels, most Titans have Neutron Blasters that fire
near-continous blasts of pure energy that can rip a target apart in seconds. And a few Titans have the dreaded Mauler Device, which charges and fires one intense
burst of energy at near-instantaneous speed that can blow away a target with one shot. Titans are equipped with dozens of other devices which serve different
purposes, but their main weapons are what is presented above.

Subject: Advanced High-Energy Neutron Cannon (AHENC)

Intel Briefing by Fleet Admiral Vampire

The AHENC is the staple weapon of the AD fleet. It utilizes a miniature cyclotron to accelerate neutrons to relativistic speeds and then launch them in a tight beam at the desired target. The cyclotrons consist of two D-shaped magnets placed back to back with a small distance between them. The alternating polarity of the magnets gives the neutrons the energy needed to accelerate them to the high velocities. Upon impact with the hull of a ship, the neutrons cause a fission chain reaction, cutting a hole clear through the target. The neutrons are stored in magazines that are pre-charged with beta radiation on the AD controlled worlds.

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