NI/SW Timeline of Events

SW/NI Plotline Timeline


Note: Colored text indicated Plotline-oriented events and those invented by Plotline authors. Regular text indicated official, canonical events in the Star Wars universe.

2,000,000-100,000 BBY -- One of the first races to develop and expand into space are the Architects, often referred to as the Celestials. In ancient days, they expanded throughout the known universe, creating a community of unknown numbers of stars or even galaxies. The greatest civilization known to ever exist, they colonized different galaxies with space colonists by sending terran planets into other galaxies using planetary repulsors and devices like Centerpoint Station. The Correllian System is built, and planets like Varnus, Sigma, Erebria, and Arcadia are sent to Epsilon Sector in a method known today as the Colonization Efforts. Other technologies such as the Grand Interdictor are made. The Generator, possibly the pinnacle of their technology, is developed, along with the world of Mies to protect it. During the height of their power, 1,000,000 BBY, they scare the Sharu – another super-advanced First Race, into hiding. The Sharu conceal their technology and turn themselves into unintelligent creatures known as the Toka.
  Other ancient races (First Ones) first begin to grow and expand throughout the stars - including Silentiums, the droid race seen in Lando Calrissian at the Starcave of Thonboka. Then suddenly the Celestials disappear. It is unclear why, whether due to war, over-expansion, or some other means. Thousands of separate colony worlds are left throughout the universe to develop on their own. These worlds eventually will make contact with one another and reestablish civilizations. The Celestials leave few relics behind in their wake, but they do leave the Centerpoint, the Grand Interdictor inside the Great Rift, and the Infinity, the only known Celestial warship, which will be found by the Altarin’Dakor.

1,000,000 BBY - The Bith undergo a terrible war. The ancient civilization on Jerrilek becomes extinct.

300,000 BBY - The Gree civilization enters its golden age.

100,000-90,000 BBY - The Kajeet, also known as the Travelers, develop and expand into the stars. Angol Moa creates the Entity and it devours all life in its home universe. To escape the destruction, the Travelers become energy beings and travel to our dimension.

At this point, the Columi are one of the most advanced starfaring races, and traveling around yet finding no interesting species to interact with, return to their homeworld and become introverts. The Star Temples are constructed on Dathomir by the Kwa. They have border disputes with the Gree, who deployed hypergates to travel instantaneously between their empire.

100,000 - Coruscant is completely covered in city.

95,000 - The last time the lower levels of Coruscant see sunlight.

100,000-75,000 BBY - The elder races develop an intergalactic society. The Travelers begin recording the most important events in history. 

75,000 BBY - The Dark War takes place. An evil Traveler named Malduke rebels, feeling the Travelers should use their powers to rule the universe. He assembles a massive force unequaled in history of the galaxy trillions upon trillions to face the Travelers. He develops a weapon that can kill a Traveler. The Dark War erupts. Malduke proliferates Traveler technology to lesser species and arms countless races and uses them to do his bidding. He even lures the Gree to his cause, while the Kwa side with the Travelers and other allies. Eventually, Malduke is defeated, but his weapon is destroyed. The Travelers decide to imprison Malduke, and the Galbagos Nebula constructed to keep him from being found. The Travelers take advanced technology from the races Malduke had spread out, including both Gree and Kwa technology and destroying their gates. However, some traces of war-time technology are left.

At this point, most of the remaining First Races, including the Silentiums, leave the galaxy and form the Intergalactic Community. Peace is instilled as the younger races are once again left to develop on their own.

49,000 BBY - The Rakata establish their “Infinite Empire”. It was said to cover 500 inhabited worlds and have a trillon-strong Rakatan army. Their power stems from their use of the “Dark Side” of the Force. The Rakatans took many races as slaves, and “seeded” many worlds with humans, Duros, and other species, attributing to the fact that these species are found on so many worlds.

40,000 BBY - The Galaxy’s great expansion period occurs. The Corellians, Duros, Arkanians, and Sluissi are some of the first races to venture once again into the stars. Much of the galaxy is colonized, races build their empires, and advanced technologies are developed. Force users began to form organized groups using “the Power", "Ashla", "the Breath" or a variety of other names..

35,000 BBY - A war on Coruscant occurs between the vicious Taung and the Battalions of Zhell. The Taung win, this is recorded in Dha Werda Verda written by the Travelers and embedded in the Roonstones. After millennia of gathering data, the Travelers takes the Roonstones to the planet Roon, one of their many storehouses.

32,000 BBY - The Golden Age of the Galaxy and of the Force occurs. Awesome technologies are developed. Incredible feats are accomplished with the aid of the Force. Some of the most powerful Force-users in history are born. 

30,000 BBY - The Rakatans’ Infinite Empire reaches its peak and constructs the Star Forge and constructs the Star Maps on all it's member worlds as a sign of their dominance.

The Killiks are driven from Alderaan and Alsakan. Selonia is annexed by the Infinite Empire.

Droids are first invented in what will become Republic space.

Some differences develop within the Force-users, causing different factions to form.�  At this stage, the most prominent force in opposition to the rest of the galaxy are the Rakatans. It is possible that their existence was enough of a threat to stimulate the rest of the galaxy’s growth, creating a bipolar society.. Sado is born during this time.

29,000 BBY – The Kashi Mer Dynasty reaches its height. Zalaria and Nimrod are born during this period. They rise to become respected leaders among the Followers of Ashla.

28,520 BBYAn ancient loremaster Jedi, seeking a new well of Force power (perhaps to use against the Rakatans), makes connection with the Entity, the being the Travelers accidentally created in their home dimension. The Entity consumes him and makes him its avatar (Altima). This ancient Jedi, Sado, then becomes seemingly a young man again. Sado then uses his influence to convince many of the most powerful Jedi agree to serve the Entity, in exchange for Immortality, an endless supply of life energy. Under their influence, droves of Jedi follow these esteemed and respected leaders and their new philosophies. The most powerful of these Jedi, who called themselves Shok’thola, or Warlords, were… The second oldest Warlords, twin brother and sister, Zalaria and Nimrod. The swordmaster Kigiras, who later became known as Strife. The scholar and teacher Jarthanis, who took the name Velius. A young student named Kronos, recruited by Zalaria. The Entity abandons Sado, but allows him to remain a Warlord. Instead, the Entity chooses a young man, potentially the most powerful Jedi of all time. It becomes the Entity’s new Altima.

28,503 BBY - The First Schism occurs, and the sun sets on the Golden Age of the Galaxy. Nearly half the Jedi leave and are not heard from for several years. They call themselves the Jedicon, or True Jedi.

28,499 BBY The Altarin’Dakor (Servants of Power) emerge with overwhelming forces, backed by the Entity and accompanied by corrupted, engineered races such as the Crinn, Zelduk, and Mortigena, along with many more Shok’Thola. The tide of conquest sweeps across the galaxy. The Taung and many more races join the Altarin’Dakor in order to gain power.

28,449 BBY - The Great War erupts. The Altarin’Dakor and their forces fight the Jedi and nearly all the other races of the galaxy in the greatest war the galaxy has ever seen. Many races are wiped out, planets and star systems are obliterated, many of the great feats accomplished are wasted. Hijarna is devastated and the entire race living there vanishes without a trace.

The Great War will continue for more than 3,000 years.

28,389 BBY - The Jedi, with a combined force of most of the other races, mount a counteroffensive. Under overwhelming pressure from the combined might of most of the galaxy, the Altarin’Dakor advance slows, and for millennia the tide will stem back and forth.

28,000 BBY – The reign of King Adas over the Sith begins.

27,500 BBY – The first Coruscanti Human colonists arrive on Alderaan to try and keep the galaxy populated in the face of such full-scale war.

27,000 BBY – Human colonists also arrive in the Tion Cluster. Beam tubes are created.

26,000 BBY – The Morodins colonize Varonat when the Altarin’Dakor wipe out their homeworld. The Library of Xer is built on the planet Criton's Point. The Cult of M'dweshuu is formed on Kintan and gains control of the planet. Alsakan is colonized by Humans from Coruscant in the colony ship, Kuat Explorer.

25,200 BBY – The Rakatan Infinite Empire collapses. While once an enemy of the galaxy at large, the Altarin’Dakor invasion and the Great War causes the Rakatans to temporary ally with the Jedi. However, a plague created by the Warlord Sado causes them to lose their connectivity to the Force. As a result, their legions of slaves revolt and cause an uprising that destroys the Rakatan Empire. They never discover the cause of the plague, and it is never known that the Altarin’Dakor defeated the Rakatans. The Altarin’Dakor move in to their territory and for a time take control of galactic government, including Coruscant.

26,000 - 25,000 BBY - The Altarin’Dakor are eventually defeated. They are routed from Coruscant and are forced on the defensive. Along the way they assume a type of 'scorched earth' policy. Zalaria and Nimrod wipe out every living thing on their home planet of Merinama. The Kashi Mer system goes supernova and the entire system is destroyed by Altarin'Dakor sabotage. The Jedi force them further and further toward the edge of the galaxy, as parts of the Altarin’Dakor splinter and break off from the pressure. Some of the final battles take place in what is now known as Epsilon Sector. The Crinn disagree with their brothers and refuse to stand there, and run the Light Jedi blockade. Most of them do not make it, but some do. The Altarin’Dakor make a valiant stand in Epsilon Sector. Most of the civilizations in the Sector are wiped out. One of the greatest Jedicon Generals named Lasitus (not an Immortal) takes his army to Varnus and there makes his last stand. An incredible battle occurs, and the Jedi is captured and tried. His sentence is imprisonment in a stasis field for all eternity.  Driven beyond their capacity to defend, the Altarin’Dakor cross the Great Rift into the far Spiral Arm. The Light Jedi follow them through, however, and the final battles are fought. The Altarin’Dakor, in desperation, build a Galactic Gate and send their fleet through to another galaxy. The Light Jedi discover this and confront them as they are moving their vast star fleet through. The final great battle of the war occurs, and the galactic gate is destroyed. Much of the fleet made it through, however. Many remnants of the Altarin’Dakor were left behind, and these remnants will plague the galaxy for 25,000 years.

The largest concentration of Altarin’Dakor remaining in the galaxy flees to the Unknown Regions, discovers a flourishing race in a remote corner of space, and subjugates it. The Crinn go into hiding in their own little pocket in space-time.

The Altarin’Dakor, in their newfound galaxy, begin to subjugate it and all its races, forming their empire anew. The Jedi and other races begin to recover from their war. The Verpine colonize the Roche Asteroid Field.

25,130 Xim the Despot begins his rule in the wake of the Great War.

25,100 A neutron star is dropped into Ultraspace by AD remnants, causing all ships to enter to be destroyed. With the loss of Ultraspace technology, Corellians and Herglic perfect their version of the Rakatan Force-powered hyperdrive (approximate date).

25,000 BBYThe Unification Wars are fought. The various surviving factions of the Great War engage in an long series of conflicts and wars to carve out the galaxy’s new shape.

The Herglic of Giju begin colonizing nearby planets in what becomes Herglic Space, establishing the Herglic Trade Empire.

The Galactic Republic is founded in the Core Worlds, upon the signing of the Galactic Constitution. The Galactic Senate, Senate Library and the Founder's Day Allegiance are also established.

The Perlemian Trade Route and the Corellian Run are created.

Kuat is discovered and settled by Human aristocrats from ten wealthy shipmaking families.

The Mining Guild is founded in the Core.

A Duros colony is established on Neimoidia.

The various groups of Force-users known as the Jedi unite to form an official, unified group.

25,000 BBY – 5,000 BBY -

  Remnants of the Altarin’Dakor left in this galaxy constantly stir up trouble. Remnants of the technologies used in the Great War are used to test the strength of the Republic. 20,000 years after the Great War, most technologies have been lost, hyperspace has to be remapped, and contact is lost with many races. Many Jedi, disillusioned with the fall from grace of the galaxy, turn to more and more divisive methods. Those who follow the “Dark” way are exiled as “Fallen Jedi”. The others conform to a dogmatic, rigid philosophy using the “light” side of the Force, which actually limits their full Force potential. From this time forward a mysterious Force power level cap of 50,000 seems to be in place.

24,500 BBY – The First Great Schism occurs. The Legions of Lettow led by Xendor and Arden Lyn are the dissidents, but they are defeated by the Jedi.

15,500 BBY – The Duinuogwuin Contention occurs when the Star Dragons are attacked by Republic forces and the Dragons attack Coruscant. The conflict is negotiated and ends peacefully.

7,003-6,900 BBY – The Second Great Schism occurs, followed by the Hundred-Year Darkness.

5,000 BBY - The events in Golden Age of the Sith occur. The Great Hyperspace War (the Fall of the Sith Empire) occurs. Naga Sadow is defeated.
The Vultar Cataclysm and the Gank Massacres happen.
The Altarin'Dakor complete their Galactic Gate and send scouts into our galaxy to gather information.

Icis Novitaar is born. Known as a Deathchild because his mother is killed in the birth process, the fusion of his parents to create a new life.

4,250 BBY – The Third Great Schism occurs on Coruscant. The Jedi win, and the Dark Jedi flee to Vultar, where they activate the Cosmic Turbine and cause the Vultar Cataclysm, which wipes them and the entire Vultar system out.

Icis Novitaaris assigned to his first observational post. He becomes involved with the locals and marries. When his wife is killed, he goes on a rampage and kills millions of people in revenge.

4,015 BBY – The Great Droid Revolution occurs.

Icis Novitaar is stripped of half his Force powers and sent to the Altarin’Dakor galaxy as punishment for his heinous crimes.

Jedi Master Elfodd makes one of the most startling discoveries of all time – the truth behind the generator and the path to the True Force. The Elfodd Contingency is closely guarded, held in secret books for later generations to discover. Galthain Ar’Kell discovers a copy and preserves it for posterity, when he will one day be reborn.


4,000-3,996 BBY - The events in Knight of the Old Republic, Dark Lords of the Sith, and The Sith War occur. Galthain Ar’Kell founds House Ar’Kell and joins Exar Kun. He is eventually defeated by Ulic Qel-Droma. Exar Kun is eventually defeated.

Ulic Qel-Droma is stripped of his Force powers. Over time, he redeems himself and passes into the Force when he dies.

3,976 – The Mandalorian Wars erupt. Malak and Revan lead the Galactic Republic to victory. They later both turn to the Dark Side.

3,959 – The Jedi Civil War erupts. Revan is captured, has amnesia, and returns to the light to defeat Malak and his forces at the Battle of Rakata Prime. The Star Forge is destroyed. The First Sith Civil War occurs in the power vacuum. After the conflict, Revan disappears and goes to the Unknown Regions in order to fight and eliminate the threat he calls the “True Sith”, the

3,955-51 The First Jedi Purge occurs. The Jedi Order is virtually wiped out and publicly disbanded, and the Sith Triumvirate (Darth Traya, Darth Sion, and Darth Nihilus) rules. Then the Exile, Aren Runis, returns from banishment in the Outer Rim/Unknown Regions by the Jedi Order and heads a quest to defeat the Triumvirate. She is successful, and before the final member, Traya, falls, she tells of Revan’s location in the Unknown Regions. The Exile, Aren Runis, after “restoring” the Jedi Order, leaves the Republic in the hands of her Lost Jedi and goes into the Unknown Regions in search of Revan. Together, they are able to defeat the Sith threat that lies beyond the known galaxy. Together they have several children, which will be the ancestors of dark Jedi Master Runis.

When the Triumvirite is defeated, the Second Sith Civil War erupts, destroying what little remained of Revan’s Sith Empire. Only a few Sith remain, eventually restored under the next leader, Darth Ruin, in 2,000 BBY.

4,000 – 500 BBY - Icis Novitaar observes the Altarin’Dakor in their galaxy. During this time he is captured in the Altarin’Dakor galaxy by the Warlord Zalaria. Over the course of many years, he is tortured and made into a slave. He feeds the AD information of Travelers. Eventually he escapes and travels through the Galactic Gate into our galaxy, where he begins to search for the “Chosen One” to stop the Altarin’Dakor from re-conquering the galaxy.


2,000-1,010 BBY – The Fourth Great Schism occurs and the Sith Wars erupt. The Republic Dark Age lasts during this time in which the Republic virtually ceases to exist, so rampant and long are the wars that ravage the galaxy.

1,000 BBY – The Brotherhood of Darkness battles the Army of Light on the planet Ruusan. Both forces are annihilated by the Dark Siders’ leader Lord Kaan’s “thought bomb”. Darth Bane survives and starts a new Sith order, of one master, one apprentice. His apprentice is Darth Zannah. However, remaining Dark Siders continue the Brotherhood of Darkness in secret. The ruins of Ruusan become the Valley of the Jedi, which Kyle Katarn and Jerec will fight over 1,000 years later.

896 BBY – Jedi Master Yoda is born.

85 BBY - Runis is born around this time.

60 BBY - The Mandalorian Civil War occurs.

50 BBY - The Outbound project is sent out and are destroyed by the Chiss. Runis travels the galaxy and discovers many secrets, including the Crinn.

47 BBY The Altarin’Dakor complete the Galactic Gate in their galaxy, and send through scouts into our galaxy to gather information. Shortly thereafter, they send through an invasion force to secure the area around where the Galactic Gate on this side will be built , and then send through huge construction forces to build the return gate.

32 BBY – The events of The Phantom Menace occur. Valorum, chancellor of the Republic Senate, is ousted from position and replaced by the Senator from Naboo, Palpatine. Mathis Organa is born on Alderaan. Draken Ar’Kell is born, and has a startling resemblance to Galthain, his namesake. Alyx Misnera is born on Varnus.

32-22 BBY - The Clone Wars erupt. The events in Attack of the Clones occur. General Akira helps Palpatine rise to power by assisting in his plot to take over the galaxy and encouraging him to purge the Jedi and create a war that will give him power to become Emperor. His reasoning is that a galaxy run by a few Dark Jedi will be easier to defeat than one protected by thousands of light Jedi.

30-24 BBY Icis Novitaar sneaks aboard an AD ship and flees into our galaxy. He slowly works his way into the galaxy proper, learning more about the galaxy and gaining resources and influence. He raids a Traveler supply depot and steals technology and information, then starts to use contacts established throughout the galaxy. He begins looking for a way to stop the AD invasion here. During his journeys he meets Jorge Cardas and uses him as an informant. He also prevents the Jedi from finding out about Palpatine’s plot, in essence helping him gain power, because he believes that a strong, unified Empire would stand the best chance of facing the AD invasion. He is not aware of General Akira's influence nor his strategy.

24 BBY - Xar Kerensky is born on Varnus.

19 BBY – The events in Revenge of the Sith occur. Palpatine rises to power and becomes Emperor. Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader. His work a success, General Akira leaves Palpatine’s side and vanishes once more. Maarek Stele is born on Kuan.

19-16 BBY - Runis destroys the decadent remnants of the Brotherhood of Darkness and travels into the Unknown Regions, where he finds the Crinn. Akira gets word of this and arranges a meeting with Runis. In

a way, Runis was helping eliminate possible threats to the AD when they came in. Seeing Runis flying a Crinn ship further piques Akira's interest. The meeting occurs - Akira proposes an alliance. Runis would help in Akira's plans in exchange for Force knowledge, artifacts, or whatever else Runis desired. For a time, Runis agrees - he acts as an information broker for Akira as the AD work on the gate on this side and begin moving through large-scale. However, Runis is never introduced to the Warlords nor is he aware of the AD or exactly who Akira represented. As a result, he betrays Akira and goes off on his own.

16 BBY Nico Flygras is born on Cyagar.

16-10 BBY As the Warlord Kronos comes through to spearhead the return, Akira meets him and reports, and proposes to continue his plan of weakening the galaxy. Kronos agrees, and Akira recruits many denizens of this galaxy to work for them, although they are seen as inferior to true AD, they are promised rich rewards. Akira primarily recruits dark Jedi (easier to entice with promisesof power). Through his extensive intelligence network he finds those dark Jedi with a chip on their shoulder - some vendetta, and uses that to gain their services. By this point he is also revered and greatly feared. Perhaps he even introduces the best of these elite to Kronos - who inspires total and complete loyalty.

3 BBY Akira finds a Force-Sensitive named Aron Kerensky, who migrated from Varnus after a falling out with the royal family, and has entered the ways of the Dark Side. Akira encounters him and Aron agrees to work for him.

1 BBYThe First Battle of Varnus occurs, and the planet is devastated by orbital bombardment. An Imperial scouting force arrives at Varnus and begins to log data. Their next stop will be Mizar. Aware of this, Aron informs Akira that Mizar may soon be discovered. Rather than making the Imperial forces mysteriously vanish, Akira leaks their location to Rebel forces, who force a confrontation in orbit. Dasok Krun, working for General Akira, takes his personal vendetta out on the royal family by destroying the royal shuttle, carrying the Regent (Xar’s father), who was trying to make peace. He frames the Rebels as committing this act, and a fierce battle breaks loose. Krun then razes the royal palace and the city of Vectur, and in the chaos the planet is bombarded. The Rebels are routed, but the Imperial VSD is so badly damaged that it’s hyperdrive malfunctions and sends the ship into the Great Rift. Meanwhile, most of Xar’s family has been killed. Hoping to clean up the mess, Akira has the rest of the royal family kidnapped and the rest of the city leveled. Xar’s brother and fianc�e Illiana are taken to General Akira, and made slaves of the Altarin’Dakor.


�� Aron Kerensky, torn with guilt over leading the AD to Varnus, abandons Akira and goes into hiding. Later he will re-secure the palace and oversee the reconstruction of Vectur.


�� Xar, having left home to explore the surrounding regions, is in the Omeka System. Meanwhile, Dark Jedi Master Runis is chasing one of his old rivals from the Dark Brotherhood, Farn (who had also been convinced to work for Akira), who had also fled to Omeka. Runis catches him there and, after an intense battle destroys his enemy. Xar happens to be critically injured in the conflict. Runis, having killed Farn, still senses a powerful Force user nearby, and discovers it to be Xar. He “saves” him, heals his wounds, and then captures and trains him in the ways of the Force as an assassin to continue


�� Akira next gets Krun to gather a cadre of Dark Jedi to do his dirty work, and recruits other agents.


1 BBYXar, now a fully trained dark Jedi Knight, escapes from his master, kills Runis, and returns to find his world devastated thanks to the plans of General Akira. His uncle Aron provides what assistance he can, then Xar goes off on his own, growing stronger and still blaming the Rebels for destroying his world.

SW: The events of A New Hope occur.

2 ABYBelieving the Rebels responsible for the deaths of his family and devastation of his world, Xar joins the Empire, serving as a fighter pilot, where he meets Maarek Stele. The events in Empire Strikes Back and Shadows of the Empire occur. Maarek Stele joins the Empire and serves with Xar under Grand Admiral Thrawn.

4 ABY – The events in Return of the Jedi occur. Palpatine is defeated. Xar leaves the Empire and goes off on his own, searching for powerful Force artifacts. Maarek Stele follows Grand Admiral Thrawn into the Unknown Regions, then shortly thereafter becomes disillusioned with the Empire.


The Altarin'Dakor complete the Galactic Gate on this side, and their scouts return home. Shortly thereafter, their forces emerge full-scale, and begin conquering the spiral arm on the other side of the Great Rift.

Akira recruits Dark Jedi Master Janus and assigns him to find Force artifacts and other Force users that will prove useful to the Altarin’Dakor when the full invasion occurs.

5 ABYMaarek Stele leaves Thrawn and the Empire. Xar and Mathis Organa join the Imperial Remnant in Minos Cluster, where he is reunited with Alyx Misner. The three of them join the Dark Brotherhood, founded along the lines of the Brotherhood of Darkness which was wiped out decades earlier.

6 ABY - House Ar’Kell is refounded, with Mathis as leader and Xar as second in command.

The events in Betrayal: "Ar’Kell’s First Mission" occur. Janus is killed.

The events in "Past Reckonings, Future Portents" occur. Ravenspyre is invaded. The Ar’Kellians defeat an assault force of Altarin’Dakor under General Akira. Xar kills Dasok Krun, avenging his family and his world. The legendary Scepter of Karanishma is found.

Xar faces off against Cain, a rogue Jedi. Icis Novitaar, who has been observing him, decides to save his life and travel with him, becoming his advisor. Icis believes Xar is the “Chosen One” destined to defeat the Altarin’Dakor.

Imperial Warlords (like Zsing) are beaten.

The events in "An Unexpected Visitor" occur. An automated drone is sent to pick up two Krath, remnants of an Altarin’Dakor’ expedition. The Ar’Kellians discover an ancient Krath Temple inside Loki. The "cook" escapes inside the scout ship, and the temple is destroyed, sending out a massive beacon towards the Rim and Epsilon Sector.

7 ABY - Grand Admiral Thrawn returns and is defeated. In “Shadows of the Past”, an alternate universe, Xar, enraged, goes on a Jedi hunt. Xar faces off against Luke Skywalker as Coruscant falls to the Imperials once again take Coruscant.

9 ABY - The events in "The Flight of Ar’Kell" occur. Ravenspyre is abandoned, the Ar’Kellians arrive at Varnus. Part of the Dark Brotherhood’s Tau Squadron, sent to follow them, is destroyed. Ar’Kell merges with other disillusioned Remnant factions which have formed the New Imperium.

Xar becomes Grand Master and founds the NI Jedi Order, working to rebuild Varnus. The New Imperium grows in power and expands in Epsilon Sector.

Warring Imperial Warlords devastate Coruscant. The Rebels take Coruscant again.

10 ABY – The Reborn Emperor is defeated by the New Republic.

The NI defeats the Krii'Graq (evil offshoot of the Zelduk) and takes the Moro system. They discover an ancient store of Force artifacts and a Jedi Master encased in a stasis field.

The events in "Awakenings" occur. NI scout ship to Mizar is destroyed. Ancient Jedi Master is revived. Maarek Stele joins the Jedi Division and NI.

Xar makes a public speech denouncing the Imperial actions at Coruscant. The NI allies with the Sigmans (Kaav’Klan, a friendly offshoot of the Zelduk) Emperor Palpatine returns in his cloned body.

The events in "Grave Affairs" occur. An assassination attempt against Xar is thwarted. A COMPNOR Representative visits the New Imperium to see if they are still loyal to the Empire’s cause. Finding they have left the Empire’s vision, COMPNOR forces, using spies, attempt a coup and engineer the IW Crisis. The COMPNOR forces are beaten. The Scepter of Karanishma is stolen.

NI contact is made with the New Republic, and first skirmishes occur.

11 ABY - The Jedi Academy Trilogy occurs.


The events in “The Search for Kurt” occur. The Jedi encounter a Jedicon for the first time. A number of pirates begin to plague the NI shipping lanes.

The Jedi team returns from its mission without Kurt, but with a new World Devastator. On Kryshran they face a Jedicon and an AD-aligned Kurt! Kurt escapes, but the Jedi retain much information from the Sith Temple.

A mysterious representative approaches the Senate, though he will not say whom he represents.

A series of battles are fought with the pirates, and the pirates are beaten back. Just as the NI forces head to the pirate base to destroy it, they find it totally annihilated.

The events in "Glimpse of Shadows" occur. The Jedi Division team sends an expedition to the planet Dathomir. While they are not completely successful, they manage to thwart a devious plot by Dark Jedi Master Estod (old enemy of Runis’) and a Jedicon named Turles. Their plot to gain immortality is stopped, and the Jedi Division brings back the child they had kidnapped, a child with extremely immense Force potential. They also encounter nearly the entire Crinn race running somewhere mysteriously. The Scepter of Karanishma is recovered. Kronos begins visiting Force-oriented locations, trying to find where to move next and who will stand with him, and against him.

The Clandestine Conflict occurs. The Morphioni Malphunoc uncovers the planetary repulsor on Varnus, by which it was moved to the Varnus system during the ancient Human civilization. He is defeated, and the Morphioni are revealed as hermitic artfiact hunters with a vast knowledge of galactic history and events.

12 ABY- The events in "The Return" occur. The Altarin’Dakor return even more evidently, and attempt to make allies with other races and forces, including the NI. The Satyr System falls to the AD. When the NI refuses to join the AD advance, Diktat Ryskar D’larit is assassinated by an AD agent. The assassin commits suicide and severely injures Caramon Majere. The NI detains the AD representative.

In retaliation, the Altarin’Dakor move. Varnus falls to their overwhelming power. All Jedi Division resources go down, and Xar is abducted.
The entire NI fleet emerges at Varnus and drives the Invaders off, but Xar is still missing. Mathis organizes a search.

Xar is rescued, and a major plot to release a legion of one of the Dark Races, the Zelduk, trapped inside a planet in the Mizar system, is thwarted. Xar kills General Akira and, after a drawn-out battle, the Warlord Kronos is (temporarily) killed. The AD base of operations is destroyed. Xar is reunited with his long-lost brother, Rydon, and his former fianc�e, Illiana, who were slaves of the Warlords. He brings them both back to Varnus against their will.

Icis Novitaar, the Traveler, reveals the true nature of the Altarin'Dakor to the NI leaders.

The events in “Unwanted Reunion” and “Traveler on Trial” occur. Icis Novitaar is stripped of all his Force powers, cast out of Traveler society, and disowned.

The NI fleet attacks the Mizar system in an attempt to drive the AD out. They are no match for Altarin'Dakor forces, however, and suffer one of the worst defeats of the war. NI morale drops to very low levels.

Xar leaves again in search for Zalaria, who helped him defeat Kronos. He travels to AD space. T-Rex reveals his true identity and the story of the AD, but leaves when Xar goes off on his foolish quest. In the AD space, Xar meets Zalaria and faces her evil brother, Nimrod. Neither wins, and Xar plans to return with Zalaria and a host of her defecting forces.
Xar returns to the NI with a defected Warlord… Zalaria.

13 ABY - The NI seeks out allies throughout the galaxy, including some of the First Races. However, their efforts are mostly in vain. The Sharu refuse to join in the war against the AD, since they hold no direct responsibility for them. However, the Barabels and some other races ally with the NI and send troops to help.
Another expedition penetrates the Galabagos Nebula, encountering AD forces and an old, deteriorated race of mechanical guardians. They find little else, save for a poor spacer who had become trapped in a vault in one of the barren worlds. Little does the NI know that they have released the ancient, evil Traveler Malduke, possibly the greatest threat the universe has ever known!

 The events in Harbinger occur. The Vey, a people from the spiral arm tired from fighting the Altarin'Dakor, seek refuge in the NI. They deliver information about the source of the Force Shard, a well of Force power beyond imagination. A search party is organized and locates the hidden planet. Little do the Jedi know that what they have found is the Generator itself, built by the original human race nearly 1 million years earlier. They are also not alone. The Warlord Strife confronts them there, but when both groups make a move for the Generator, its defense mechanism activates and scatters everyone throughout the galaxy.

Xar and Zalaria marry. 

14 ABY - The events in “Desperation” occur. The Warlord Velius attempts to assassinate Zalaria, but is thwarted.

Enraged at Kronos' defeat by the NI, the Altarin’Dakor expand furiously. Full-scale war breaks out. The NI desperately searches for allies and some key to defeating the enemy.  The Altarin'Dakor force, now led by the Warlord Nimrod, sweep into NI space with unstoppable ferocity. In rapid succession, Pax, Danube, Talas, Basra, Goven, Jengar, Dromos, Menkar, Moro, and Kinari all fall to the AD. The NI continues to fight the AD, drawing in as many allies and resources as they can. But the Warlord Nimrod and his forces seem unstoppable. And, to make things worse, the other Warlords arrive to wreck havoc as well. Their ultimate victory seems inevitable.
 The Warlord Asellus expands into Ssi-Ruuk territory, devastating their empire. Other governments and alliances are swept out of existence by the Altarin'Dakor.

 A climactic battle takes place on Varnus. Just as it seems the NI is finished, a young boy arrives and single-handedly destroys the Warlord Nimrod.

The mysterious newcomer identifies himself as Derek, Xar and Zalaria's future son. From Xar and Zalaria's contact with the Generator, their genes were infused with an incredible amount of Force-sensitive cells - which combined in their son. Derek literally has no limit to how much of the Force he can use, and he has discovered techniques that no other Jedi can duplicate - including the unique ability to transverse time itself.  He has returned not because he wanted to save his father's life, but because, in the future, he needs Xar's help to fight a far worse enemy than the Altarin'Dakor - the Ones.

 The death of young Derek sends Bren over the edge and into a series of events involving Strife and Akargan. The Warlords Strife and Akargan meet in a duel, and Akargan is killed.

 Out of necessity, the NI and NR join forces against the AD and launch a counteroffensive. Maarek Stele goes on a journey to discover the whereabouts of his family, and is caught in another trap lured by Strife. Flying the Archon once again, he will launch a series of events that will lead to the greatest battle yet seen.

Xar, becoming completely depressed and nihilistic after the death of Derek and realization that he was supposed to die on Varnus, begins to despair and give up. Others notice that he is changing, becoming darker. Eventually his friends discover that he still retains the personalities of Runis and Dasok Krun, both of whom he had absorbed using Dark Side powers when he killed them. No one knows how to free him, but Icis Novitaar has a plan – take him to Kajarn, homeworld of the Travelers, and present him to Angol Moa. Perhaps she can heal him.

Bren, Xar, and the other Jedi are caught up in numerous Warlord plots. With help, the Altarin’Dakor are slowly driven back. The NI takes the Mizar System in a colossal battle, aided by the Shaaru and other First Races.

A way is found to increase the power levels of the NI Jedi. With help from Angol Moa, Xar is separated from the life energy of Dasok Krun and Runis. Unexpectedly, his power level skyrockets. The NI re-take their fallen systems and move into Mizar. However, an even larger AD force arrives at Mizar, commanded by several Warlords at once. The Second Battle of Mizar occurs. This time, the NI is victorious.

15 ABY - The NI crosses the Great Rift and fights the Altarin’Dakor in Dorchav Sector. The forces of the NI must face Asellus, Raftina, Elidibsatianouka, Kronos, Velius, and Strife. Xar faces Kronos a second time.

Angol Moa, eldest of the Travelers, convinces her people that they are responsible for the Entity, and therefore the Altarin’Dakor. They decide to join in the struggle, and recruit numerous other old races to help in the final battle. She, along with Sado (who desires to live and not suffer the fate of being absorbed by the Entity) develop a battle plan. They also reveal how to separate the Warlords from the Entity.

The NI faces the final battle against the Altarin'Dakor. The Galactic Gate is destroyed, along with the AD flagship. Altima is defeated by Derek. However, as he dies, he reveals that his whole purpose in conquering the galaxy was to prepare for the assault of the Ones, far into the future.

"The Return" Plotline concludes. Those in the NI that wish are allowed to join the First Races, the Travelers, and the Intergalactic Community beyond our galaxy. The NI must take all advanced technologies with them. Those that remain continue the NI as a government.

The time has come to aid Derek in his struggle against the enigmatic Ones. Xar, Zalaria, Icis, and many other Jedi place themselves in cryonic stasis, where they will remain for another 90 years. Derek time-travels to the predetermined date...

30-35 ABY - The Yuushan Vong invade the galaxy and a full-scale war ensues. The New Republic ceases to exist, and as the Vong are defeated, the Galactic Alliance takes its place.

40 ABY – The events in the Dark Nest Trilogy occur.

45-50 ABY – The events in Legacy of the Force occur. Jacen Solo kills Mara Jade and becomes Darth Caedus.

45-50 ABY – The events in “Legacy” comics occur. Darth Krayt and his new Sith Empire conquer the galaxy.

146 ABY - The Ca'kyzali invade an already war-torn galaxy and begin yet another conflict. They are also defeated eventually, but the galaxy has suffered much destruction by this point.

150 ABY - Derek arrives in the future and awakens Xar, Zalaria, and the rest of the group. They emerge into a galaxy changed after two more great wars. The NI and most other governments no longer exist, and the galaxy is a shadow of its former self. Surprisingly, they find that Omega Kira is alive in this time, having been sent 95 years into the future by the Generator. Derek leads the group to a rendezvous with the Intergalactic Community in the future.

Now allied with the Intergalactic Community, the group is fully briefed about the Ones. It seems that, in fact, the Ones are a legendary race of non-physical beings that can destroy the very fabric of the universe itself.  They are so powerful that even Derek can only face a few at a time. He has traveled throughout time from future to past, and even to the reaches of the ancient Human civilization without a cure for this impending doom. Furthermore, with their non-corporeal forms, they can actually kill Travelers. Finally, it seems that Malduke, the ancient evil Traveler who was released from imprisonment in the Galbagos Nebula, is the herald of this new threat and may be responsible for the entire chain of events. An even greater war is about to erupt, one that will determine the fate of the universe itself.