The Fortress System

Location: Epsilon Sector, Ariel Quadrant

Jedi House Aurora made it's home in the Fortress system.  The Fortress system is home to several planets, which differ greatly in features.

Ra:  A scorched planet.  The closest to the sun, which makes it so hot that even the volcanoes have burnt out.  There is little else to describe, as Ra is basically a dead, lifeless body, with no distinguishing characteristics.

Kalasy:  Similar to Ra, except in the fact that it has a few active volcanoes, and the temperature is hot enough to keep almost the entire planet's surface liquified, but not so hot as to vaporize it.  Kalasy is also home to some of the sector's most beautiful lava and fire falls.

Ptas:  Also called Fortress Prime.  It is the perfect equilibrium, far enough from the Fortress star to be inhabitable, but close enough to receive warmth from the sun.  These factors make Ptas a beautiful, tropical paradise.  It is virtually covered with rain forrests, and has one of the tallest waterfals in the sector.  An extremely lush environment, Ptas is home to the Aurorian Palace, where the House Command staff, and all other non-naval personel reside.