People Names

 Warlords (Shok'Thola)

 Altima (Humanoid Male - Leader of the Warlords, the Entity's "Avatar". His name, pronounced "Al-ta-ma" in Altarin'Dakor, means "Power" or "Possessor of Power" in AD speak. Linked to the Entity and only serves to fulfill its undying hunger. Probably the most powerful Force-user in all of history before being taken by the Entity. Former name: Elan Mossin)
 Zalaria (Humanoid Female - Second oldest Warlord; her race remembers everything they see or hear.)
 Nimrod (Humanoid Male - Zalaria's twin brother - most feared and prestigious of the Warlords; also
known as Nimrod the Destroyer or Nimrod the Conqueror)
 Kronos (Humanoid Male - Proud and vain Warlord; won right to spearhead the Return; recruited by Zalaria. Killed by Sauron and Zalaria, but regenerated and at large.)
 Strife (Humanoid Male - Once a Force scholar and teacher, turned Warlord. Vain, he believes he is the best fighter alive. Former name: Kigiras)
 Akargan (Humanoid Male - very warlike, seeks to become the greatest warrior and fight the greatest
battle in history.)
 Velius (Humanoid Male - most evil and frightening of the Warlords. Former name: Jarthanis)
 Asellus (Humanoid Female - Lost her husband, who was a Warlord himself, to Zalaria millenia ago.
Has vowed to destroy Zalaria ever since.)
 Sado (Humanoid Male - Oldest of the Warlords, he first made contact with the Entity. He also was the first Altima, until the Entity chose a new host. He also is responsible for the creation of the Crinn, Zelduk, Charon and Mortigena races.)
 Raftina (Human Female) - Little is known about this Warlord at this point.
 Elidibsatianouka (A Duinouguin [Star Dragon] Warlord)
 Queklain (Deceased alien Warlord who died during the Great War; his spirit was imprisoned in the Repository where he tried to escape and take a new body, but failed when the Repository shattered in the SoH Run-on. Current status - at large, in a human body)
  Mordachus (Humanoid Male - weaker Warlord who died 200 years ago on Renastatia - current status: killed by Strife)
  Calvernic (Humanoid Male - weaker Warlord who was taken under Zalaria's protection in exchange for his territory and forces)


 Malduke (Ancient evil Traveler sealed in Galbagos Nebula)
 Icis Novitaar (Traveler who spent time in Altarin'Dakor galaxy as punishment for interfering
in other's affairs; stowawayed to enter our galaxy and prepare for the Return. Watched those that
he thought would be instrumental to fighting the Altarin'Dakor should they return, including young
Anakin Skywalker, and, when the Altarin'Dakor did not return during his lifetime, found Sauron.
Revealed himself to Sauron and decided to interfer again to help the NI defeat the Altarin'Dakor.)
 Angol Moa - Oldest of the Travelers, and the last remaining of the first generation Travelers, who turned into energy forms to reach our universe and escape the Entity. Also created the Entity. Supreme high seat on the Traveler High Council, she rarely comes out of seclusion.
 Ragnos Dairam - (Senior Elder in High Council)
 Phadeus Luna - (Senior Elder in High Council)
 Oaren Merratus - (Senior Elder in High Council)
 Sirris Phoebus - (Senior Elder in High Council)
 Deamous Xandur - (Senior Elder in High Council)
 Madeloer Dinnt - (Senior Elder in High Council)
 Soelen Faiduin - (Junior Elder in High Council)
 Bahara Sumi - (Junior Elder in High Council)
 Rein Daigus - (Junior Elder in High Council)
 Teale Dien - (Junior Elder in High Council)
 Zann Xeiro - (Juniro Elder in High Council)
 Moa Gault - Father of Icis Novitaar. Warned Icis of his interferance in the affairs of non-Travelers. Junior Elder in the Traveler High Council.
 Ione Paua - "The Huntress": Traveler female who captures Icis and takes him back for trial shortly after the Return.
 Nua Shakk - (Supreme Elder in lower court trial)
 Solus Emsu - (Elder)
 Aru Sulato - (Elder)
 Solusek Rho - (Elder)
 Ode Draven - (Elder)
 Aeale Monoor - (Elder)
 Nar Seiv - (Elder)
 Banglore Doan - (Icis' lawyer)
 Kusa Manonglin - (Prosecutor in Icis' case)
 Ghrim Gusto - (Doctor)
 Joeneni Bula - (Doctor)
 Jura Avis - (fan of Icis, also on trial)

Other NPCs

 Cmdr. Maarek Stele (Human Male from Taroon - WC of SoH. Imperial war hero who served under Grand
Admiral Thrawn and saved Emperor Palpatine's life.)
Read the Stele Chronicles included with the game Tie Fighter for more info.
 Rann Wosper (Human male from Varnus. Member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron)
 Tanya Vinikoro (Human Female. Member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron)
 Bast Vlagen (Human Male from Varnus.
Member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron)
 Kikitik (Kaav'Klan Male from Sigma Prime.
Member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron)
 Gren Pabos (Human Male. Member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron)
 Salle Darl (Human Female from Kolath. Member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron)
 Petur Kien (Human Male from Varnus. Member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron)
Lasitus (Bren) (Human Male from Galron - Ancient Jedi discovered in stasis on Moro by the SoH; once an evil Altarin'Dakor General, he made his last stand on Varnus and was captured. Once friends with Akargan. Lost
his memory when revived.
Named himself Bren. As it slowly returned, he forsook his old ways and assisted the NI
in the Second Great War.)
 Rydon Kerensky (Human Male from Varnus. Younger brother of Xar Kerensky, aka "Sauron". Captured during the Battle of Varnus and taken to the Altarin'Dakor Galaxy. He turned to his new life with the Altarin'Dakor. Aide/servent of Zalaria. Reunited with Sauron when Zalaria helped Sauron escape from Kronos and return to the NI. Rydon went back with his brother, and served with the NI during the rest
of the Second Great War.
 Rynn Mariel (Human Female - Jedi in SoH. Lost her family to the Empire, joined the NI to become a Jedi and guardian of the galaxy.)
 Melia (Human Female from Dathomir - joined SoH and later became a Jedi)
 Nadia Ipsen (Human Female from Varnus - a Jedi Crusader in the New Imperium - closely attached to Sauron)
 Ralagos Akala (Togarian Male from ??? - a Jedi Adept in the NI - closely attached to Sauron)
 Atridd Xoan (Black Human Male from ??? - Jedi in SoH. Lost his arm to the Jedicon Turles. Now uses a cybernetic implant. Close friend of Sauron.)
 Prince Roth Val Batron (Human Male - Prince of Valtarin)
 Tep Woruk (Twi'lek Male from Ryloth - assisted NI in gaining vital information on the Altarin'Dakor. Died in the process.)
 Lobonba (Wookie Male from Kashyykk - brought news of Rafa System to NI)
 Cozeeke (C-OZ K Droid - Jack Railler's droid.
Became NI's archive droid and recorded the Second Great War.)
 Jack Railler (Male Human from Coruscant - A man with a mysterious past. he lived as a hermit on Haven in the Satyr system until the AD took the system. Made it to the NI, where he helped in the struggle during the Second Great War.)
 Kaviq (Kaav'Klan Male from Sigma Prime. Sigman Ambassador to the New Imperium.)
 Kaxal (Kaav'Klan Male from Sigma Prime. Emperor of the Kaav'Klan (Sigman) Race.)
 Der'Tan (Barabel Amb. to NI)
 Zik'Vrie (Male Barabel warrior from Barab I. Traveled with Der'Tan to NI and joined its cause.)
 Moren Zein (Mysterious Ambassador to the NI from the Altarin'Dakor.)

 The Vey: (A race of people that have been fighting the AD for many years. A ship bearing the last few dozen members of their race comes to join with the NI during the Second Great War.)

Royal Family Members

  Princess Lucia (Crown Princess of the Vey People)
  Princess Almani (Little sister of Princess Lucia. Young, but extremely powerful in the Force)
  Loren (Advisor to Princess Lucia and caretaker of the family and their property.)

  Zoar (Guardian of the Royal Family. Very close to Lucia and Almani. Strong in the Force, and amplifies his power with a Force Splinter.)

Templar Leaders

 Keyta (Vey Templar with questionable loyalties to the Royal Family.)
 Madruk (Elder Templar of the Vey.)
 Trama (Another Vey Templar with questionable motives. Does not trust the NI.)
 Kaygar (Vey Templar. A master of Force and weapons combat, he teaches those in the Warrior Caste.)

Warrior Caste / Other Citizens


 Deceased Characters

 General Akira (Altarin'Dakor Humanoid Male from ???. One of the Warlord Kronos' top Generals. Masterminded the Battle of Varnus, the strike at Ravenspyre, and continued to direct fleet operations early in the Second Great War. Killed by Sauron)
 Cpt. Jothin (Human Male - Cpt. of FRG Bombardier.
Destroyed by the AD when scouting the Mizar System.)
 Lt. Kreggs (Human Male - Black Ops team leader. Captured by the Jedicon Rofel and forced to serve. Killed by Omega.)
 Aron Kerensky (Human Male from Varnus - Sauron's Uncle. Killed by Dasok Krun)
 Tarin Darl (Human Female from Coruscant - COMPNOR Rep. to NI. Killed in bomb explosion on
her Star Destroyer.)

 Mitch Remmac (Human Male; Aide to Taryn Darl - enemy of Maarek Stele. Killed by Stele)
 Tarjon Solus (Self-proclaimed "Lord Admiral" and leader of the Deathwatch Imperial Strike Fleet, a secret group under the direct command of the cloned Emperor Palpatine.
Based in the black Vargon Death Cloud, he was responsible for the construction of the Despot, one of the Emperor's Sovereign-class Command Ships. He was killed by the SoH recovery team sent after Kurt, when the Jedi captured his World Devastator and brought it directly over the Despot's bridge.)
  Rofel (Jedicon warrior with the rank "Seitann", or emissary. He was in the ancient AD/Sith Temple on Kryshran where Kurt was turned to the AD. Rofel was in charge of overseeing the the Sith relics and records, recovering AD artifacts left in the temple after the Flight, and freeing former Warlord Queklain from his imprisonment in the Repository, a collection of hundreds of Jedi life forces trapped in a crystal obelisk. He was killed trying to prevent the Repository from shattering, as the SoH recovery team escaped. As he died, the Warlord Queklain took his body and is now at large)
  Turles (Former head warrior of the Jedicon, he went rogue and left to join forces with Dark Jedi Master Estod and the deranged scientist Borowen in an attempt to gain Immortality from the Kaiburr Crystal, transferred by an extremely Force-Sensitive young child under their mind control. An SoH team lead by Sauron were able to stop their evil plot, and Turles was killed by an extremely powerful Focus Bomb from Sauron after he absorbed power from the Kaiburr Crystal.)
  Estod (A Dark Jedi Master who was part of the Council of the previous Brotherhood of Darkness destroyed by Sauron's teacher, Runis. One of Runis' enemies, he managed to escape the bombing of the Hall of Darkness and vanished for 30 years. Appeared again later, joined with Doctor Borowen and the Jedicon Turles to try and gain Immortality and stop his aging. Killled by Rynn Mariel in the battle.)
 Kletian (Jedicon in the employ of Turles, carried a mass gun similar to Sauron's. Killed by Sauron.)
 Elmbore (Jedicon in the employ of Turles. Killed by Sauron w/mass driver)
 Vlini Makor (Sullustian Male from Sullust.
Member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron - Died in the Battle of Mizar)
  Juor Nace (Human Male. Member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron - Died in the Battle of Mizar)
  Macin Isabi (Twi'lek Male from Ryloth. Member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron - Died in the Battle of Mizar)
  Kei Nomos (Human Female. Member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron - Died in the Battle of Mizar)
  Xantak (Kaav'Klan Male from Sigma Prime. Admiral and military commander of the Sigmans, died in a failed coup'de'tat against the Sigman Emperor. Killed by Maarek Stele in the final conflict.)

  Star Systems/Planets

Epsilon Sector

 Mizar System (Altarin'Dakor Stronghold)
  Tholai (Innermost planet of the Mizar System.
Implanted with a huge anti-matter device by
the Altarin'Dakor for unknown use)
  Darklon (Hollow Planet where millions of the Zelduk were imprisoned during the Great War;
The Warlord Kronos attempted to free them but was killed by Sauron (with Zalaria's help).
Darklon was destroyed along with Krono's space station, eliminating the Zelduk threat.
  Arcadia (Paradise world transported to Epsilon Sector during the Galaxy's Golden Age.
Stronghold of the Altarin'Dakor in the Mizar System. Used as a spearhead to launch the first
phases of the Return. An NI attack there resulted in one of the worst defeats the NI suffered in
the Second Great War. Finally liberated by the NI during counterstrikes.)
 Varnus System (SoH Home System)
   Varnus (Homeworld of Sauron and base of the SoH.
Transported to Epsilon Sector in the galaxy's
ancient past durin the Colonization Efforts.
Site of what could be the greatest ground battle
fought in all of history, during the Great War. Governed by Ruling Families after the end of the Sith
Bombed in a genius plan engineered by General Akira just before the Galactic Civil War began.)
 Tralar System (Capital of the New Imperium)
  Tralaria (Seat of government for the NI Senate.
Water World, Homeworld of the Tralarians. Used as the main
base of operations during the Second Great War, being nearly overrun by the Altarin'Dakor in the later stages.)
 Erebria System (Intruder Wing Home System)
  Erebria (Home base of the IW.
Another terran-type world transported into Epsilon Sector in ancient history
as part of the Colonization Efforts. Populated by mostly humans. Slowly being enveloped by the ever-
expanding Galbagos Nebula.)
 Sigma System (NI Allies)
  Sigma (Homeworld of the Kaav'Klan, or Sigmans.
Another world brought to Epsilon Sector during the
Colonization Efforts.)
 Danube System (NI-ruled)
  Danube II (Water Planet; Homeworld of the Danubans. Another of Danube's planets was obliterated during the
Great War.
 Kolath System (Home of the DLSF)
Kolath (Jungle World; Base of operations for the DLSF.
Home to another colony of humans. Ruins in the jungles
date back to the Great War.
 Moro System (NI-ruled)
  Moro III (Dry, hostile homeworld of the insectile Krri'Graq.
Taken during the Krri'Graq Confrontation early in the NI's history. Held a huge cache of ancient Force Artifacts, including the former Jedicon Master and Altarin'Dakor General, Lasitus in stasis. Due to the extreme production rates of the Krri'Graq, was made into a shipyards for producing NI ships.
Produced numerous Imperator-class Star Destroyers before being taken by the Altarin'Dakor's main sweep through the sector.
 Talas System (NI-ruled)
  Laan (Arid world consisting of craggy mountain ranges.
Native human population lives on tall plateaus. The canyon-studded surface of the planet is obscured by a thick fog. Its low visibility and dangerous hazards make great training grounds for pilots. During an Altarin'Dakor strike on the planet, Commander Maarek Stele took his fighters down into the canyons to shake off a group of enemy fighters. They escaped, but could not prevent the Altarin'Dakor from claiming the system.

Delta Sector

 Valtarin System
  Valtre 6 (Visited in SoH Runon: The Search for Kurt)
 Maepriz (Base of the Deathwatch Imperial Strike Fleet, led by Tarjon Solus. Visited in SoH Runon: The Search for Kurt)
 Borrose (Visited in SoH Runon: The Search for Kurt)
 Jennar System
  Jennar IV (Imperial base)