Power Levels

 In the Jedi Division (and in most of the galaxy), Force Potential is measured by calculating someone's latent strength in the Force. This can be done through a Force probe or by using various scanners such as the ones used by the Empire to find rogue Jedi. The Jedi Division system has implemented a scale based on numbers that measure this Force Potential. A similar scale is used by the Altarin'Dakor. This listing describes the average power levels for each rank, and the power levels for certain characters within the Jedi Division and its Plotline stories.
 Power levels work exponentially. This means that although there may be just a small difference between two power levels, the lower power level of the two has an almost insignificant chance of being able to defeat, or even harm the person with the higher power level. This also works with two lower powers fighting a higher power. However, there can still be only a very small difference in the lower power levels to the higher power level. The two lower powers would have to be within twenty-five percent of the higher power level to have a chance in defeating that person (So if the higher power level was 1000, both the lower power levels must be within 750). However, power level is not the only determining factor in a fight. Also important are speed, knowledge, experience, and learned Force Powers. What makes an Altarin'Dakor Jedicon more dangerous is that he knows a lot more than our typical Jedi. They can also achieve their maximum power more easily... They become so attuned to the Force and to the fighting spirit they become a living weapon. It is a variation on Jedi Battle Meditation.
 The power level for a normal human is about five. When a person reaches a power level of zero, they are dead.

Raising one's Power Level:
 Some people reach their maximum power level early in life. However, most people need countless hours of almost constant training to ever reach their maximum. The training consists mostly of using the Force at or near one's maximum ability to draw, and for long periods of time. It can also be raised by long periods of Jedi meditation. Therefore to increase your power, you have to spend a lot of time flexing your Force muscles, as it were. Since the Jedi Division is on a more fast training program, we spend a lot of time using the Force, even for menial tasks, in attempts to increase in our power. This is not always good, however. Depending solely on Force use makes a Jedi vulnerable in a situation in which he cannot use it.
 As one's power level increases, the intensity of their training must also increase. After a while, when even intense training results in little to no change in power level, a Jedi has reached his or her "maximum" power level.

Drawing the Force:
 "Powering up" involves a person drawing in large amounts of Force within their ability to control. When powering up, you can either contain that power inside, so outside viewers wouldn't be able to see it (but they could sense it), or you can let your energy flow out around you... (often when powering up to maximum, you have to do this, especially the first time). We call this projection of energy around yourself a Sphere of Projection. Often it's involuntary when first powering up to a high level, but once you gain full control, you can do it for sheer intimidation purposes. A more refined Jedi would not desire such a flashy method, however.

Force Powers:

People from our area (Epsilon Sector) are often descendents of the survivors of the Great War. The people of Kolath, for instance, live among ancient metal ruins, which until recently they didn't even know what they were. This actually means that the inhabitants of Epsilon Sector may be related to the Altarin'Dakor. This may account for some of the resilience in the people, as well as the increased number of Force-sensitive beings in the area.
People have certain aptitudes for certain powers...For instance, Xar has always been weak in the are of energy absorption (Absorb/Dissipate Energy). He is good at other powers like telekinesis, and especially attuned in energy projection. Often, like this, a Jedi's strength will be the opposite of his/her weakness, and vice versa. Corran Horn has virtually no telekinesis but can absorb large amounts of energy, and is very good at mental powers.
Often brute force (by using the Force) can simply overpower a situation, but sometimes a more subtle technique can do just as well or better. A Jedi can usually cancel out or redirect the attack of another Jedi (especially energy-based attacks) if that Jedi is at a higher Power Level. It often takes a while to power up when you're trying to reach your maximum. But the more times you do it, the faster you can.

 Reading/Interpreting Power Levels:

Using variations of Imperial Jedi test devices and knowledge gained from retrieved HoloCrons, the Jedi Division has possession of a handful of machines that can measure Force Potential, or "Power Levels". These devices are called Scanners. A person's Force Potential can be detected by another Jedi, with such a simple technique as a Force probe. However, to be more accurate, these devices are used. For simplicity, the system has been converted to a number system. However, a Scanner will only read a person's current power level, and that is not always an accurate reading. Resting power for a Jedi is quite low, since they are not drawing on the Force. Also, Force power can seem lower than it really is by using a Force Mask. This power masks your Force-sensitivity both to scanners and to other Jedi. A Force Mask is quite useful for a Jedi that doesn't want attention brought to himself, or one who needs to fool a Scanner or other Jedi into underestimating him or her. The Altarin'Dakor use Force Masks; see Turles in Glimpse of Shadows and Kronos in Shadows of the Past.
 There are two main uses of a Scanner. First is when actually in battle, measuring an opponent's full Force strength (as it is unlikely they'll still be masking it). The second method is for training purposes, to measure a Jedi's power as it increases over time and to measure their progress. A scan can be made at resting power, and it will rise with training. However, for the most accurate reading, a Jedi must reach his or her maximum level, drawing in as much of the Force as possible. This creates the Sphere of Projection, mentioned above. Power levels can actually fluctuate slightly from day to day, depending upon the mood and shape of the person (this is similar to "on" or "off" days with any physical or mental activity). Finally, pushing someone into an intense emotional situation can increase their power and push it to a new level, such intense anger. Note that since our system uses the True Force, we do not have to worry about falling into the Dark Side. Remember, it's a Jedi's actions that determine which "side" was used.
 Draw Force is a power that lets a Jedi draw in more power than he or she could normally hold. In other words, it draws past their normal maximum Force-Potential. This Force must be used or it will be lost. Also, Draw Force can be used to replenish the power of a Jedi who has become exhausted. It is an essential power to form a Focus Bomb. Focus Bomb is not an Altarin'Dakor power. It was taught to Xar by Icis Novitaar, a Traveler, and is one of our few advantages over the AD.
 There are rumors that the Altarin'Dakor have an even more advanced device to detect Force Sensitivity, called Scouters. These devices are smaller, more lightweight, and portable, usually attached to the side of the wearer's head with a readout lens that extends over one eye. These devices are used in similar function to our Scanners, yet they are miniaturized and more accurate. They may also be used as locators to find Force-sensitive beings, though this function would usually only be used by non-Force-sensitive beings (as Jedi can sense one another unless a Force Mask is used).

We are just beginning to learn about the True Force... That is the struggle with changing from our former philosophies. Though we've found True Force equivalents for most powers conceived, we have only scratched the surface of what is truly out there. So far, we have mostly had to figure things out as we go, experimenting. The problem is, the Altarin'Dakor have a big jump on us there, as well. They already know what they're doing.